Appomattox Battlefield

Address: 111 National Park Drive, Appomattox, VA, USA
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The American Civil War was the defining event in our nation’s history. Between 1861 and 1865, 10,000 battles and engagements were fought across the continent, from Vermont to the New Mexico Territory, and beyond. The four-year struggle between north and south made heroes of citizen soldiers, forever changed the role of women in society, and freed more than three million slaves. In the end, 620,000 or more Americans were left dead in its wake. Explore the many battlefields, along with myriad stories and personalities, of this crucial period in American history.
Appomattox Court House National Historical Park is comprised of many of the village’s original historic structures, along with several reconstructed buildings on approximately 1,700 acres in rural Virginia. The Wilmer McLean home, where the surrender was signed, is open to the public. A driving tour and several trails cover the battlefield